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Club Events & Activities

Quarterly Meetings

Our business meetings are scheduled once per quarter and are usually held at the home of one of our members. We typically handle the business portion of the meeting first and conclude with some sort of craft or activity.

Coffee Meetups


Our coffee meetups are one of our most popular club events. They are typically scheduled once a month at a local Starbucks. They are very informal and are a great way for Moms to relax and catch up. Unfortunately, Cookie Monster is not always in


Playdates are a fun way for Moms to get out and for the kids to meet other multiples their same age. They are usually held at a local

(toddler friendly) park.

Holiday Parties

On average we have about three or four holiday parties each year. The locations vary, from a restaurant, to a park, or at a members residence.


Each year we like to give back to the community in some way. We have participated in backpack drives, donated to Toys for Tots and other similar charities, and have helped families in need during the holidays.



Every year there are two weekend long (themed) conventions that our members are invited to attend. These fun-filled and informative events are so much fun and many of our members have made lifelong friendships here.

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